‘Unexpected Kindness is the most Powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of Change’.


Women In Red In The Fields



Selina owns her own stories and her journey to a Will Of Courage is independently owned and led by her.

Selina has invested her own personal savings to build upon the foundation of Will of CourageTM as her ever lasting legacy, she will bequeath to Australian Farming and the love of her country, Australia.

This page is being re-worked as Selina looks at supporting our rural communities directly through community leaders and in town community initiatives.

Stay tuned for more ways you can help a farmer financially during this super drought.

Previous donations made to Buy a Bale and Gift of Music (Rural Aid) via this website, are being reported by Rural Aid to Selina and this will be shared to this website in the next couple of weeks.

Transparency and governance is incredibly important to Selina and once reporting is received, she will share where these donations have been given to our rural communities. All have been receipted and are tax deductible.

In proud support of her journey to a Will of Courage, she continues to devote her life to helping our country kids, farmers and rural communities across regional Australia.

Selina Win Pe

For our country kids and our farming community.

‘Suffer not little children who come unto me, for theirs IS the kingdom of Heaven.’

Come back soon to find out how you can support our farmers and their families

Hay Delivery Truck

Our farmers need our support. Stay tuned for more details