As I embark on this new selfless goodwill led path made clear proudly helping and supporting Regional and Rural communities I wanted to do this most sincerely from a place of understanding, genuine care, how by owning my own story has led to now in sharing my journey with Love, Bravery, Defiance Courage & Resilience. And I hope t will be of some useful help to anyone who finds it of benefit to them too.


To compliment my Psychotherapy and Yoga and importantly create Stillness and more calm as my vision for clarity to this meaningful and purpose led life as it naturally evolves to helping others.


In the past two years I added into my well being program the practice of Mindfulness mediations, attending various classes and lessons to embody this practice to add strength to my healing and well being journey.


The most impactful and once that appears to resonate in creating head space and calm and centring in amongst what is added mind-chaos is the practice of Vedic Meditation


Vedic meditation  or ‘Transcendental Meditation’ is a how the mind settles beyond activity.


For me, this is very much a new practice to create space and find peace and a clarity from stresses of daily living and focusing on being present and a very powerful link and yin to my yang practice of yoga. Both releases to cope with:

  • Stress release
  • Less reactivity to stressful events
  • Live in the moment
  • Better mental clarity and focus
  • Better Decision Making (especially under pressure)
  • Freedom from addictive behavior
  • Better relationships
  • Better knowledge of self


24 May 2019_Selina Reference ANNAYF


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