November 2019 News & Events

1st November 2019

Selina rounds up her trip to the Northern Tablelands immersed amongst community and Children.

Guided by the Mayor of Tamworth she visits the absolutely surprised and delighted dear children of Bendemeer Public School with water and breakfast provisions, for their breakfast club days.

She then travels to meet the wonderful senior students, dear teachers and principle and her first meeting and greeting with the dear country mayor of Walcha.

3rd November 2019

Selina expands her connectedness and understanding into the Dairy Farming Farmer community. With a personal referral, from a wonderful dairy farmer from her earlier travels to Lachlan Valley Way.

Selina travels to the South Coast of NSW to meet with dear Farmer Rob and sees the tireless efforts our dairy farmers put in to manage their farms from dawn to dawn. How they look after their cows, herd and the round the clock work it takes to bring our milk to our homes.

Given his farm relies on rain water to feed his pastures for grazing, the impacts of this unrelenting drought are etched on the land and in his eyes and mental health and well being undeniably so.

She is determined to add her support over her journey to support our Dairy farmers.

4 – 7th November 2019
Returning home, Selina sets the example of bringing community of City and Country together in her hometown from the travels to the country. The first of a series of intimate community gathering in relaxed settings, where mateship and greater understanding of life on and off the land and extended to the community in our country side is seen, heard and observed first hand. Farmers & Community Leaders join together with ‘City Folk’ and share their stories and friendships and bonds are connected in moments of genuine care and full support.

18th November 2019
Selina is supported again with provisions of water and breakfast cereals from her local Office Works Mosman and IGA communities. Grateful to both Mack and Rafa for the goodwill they have shown to support our country communities and the trust they continue to place in Selina’s personal hands on genuine care and attention to get the support direct into our communities delivered by her.
20th – 21st November 2019
Personally invited as a key note speaker by the Chairman of Rotary in the Shire of Forbes, Selina freely shares her journey of then and now to help others find strength from her courage and resilience.


Maximising the time as always when among her country communities, she visits with high school students at Forbes High School, drops by at the local community radio and shares her delight to revisit Forbes and share her willingness and support, entirely in goodwill. She buys local produce to take home.


Visiting Nell’s Pantry 4 Farmers, she gifts the shares from Office Works and IGA provisions to their absolute delight and thankfulness. Every week Farmers and their families are supported by the likes of these fantastic locally run pantries in every way – every bit helps to support wellbeing at home.

22nd November 2019
Selina is also personally invited back to Young, by the Country Mayor of the Hilltops, and the Young Crisis Centre lead Naomi, to march and share amongst community, her journey and in a walk of resilience, a part of a strong contingency of domestic matters in a shared understanding and encouragement of hope for better days.


Selina is a key note speaker for Hilltops against Family & Domestic Violence, proudly marching with over 200 people in the community, in company of her country mayor and senior Police.


She is open heartedly and warmly embraced by her communities here present too, and the connection to Children and the Youth continues to follow her every where she goes.


23rd November 2019

Before returning home, Selina is intent on paying a visit to a beautiful country school, that is so carefully and thoughtfully prepared in a joyful visit by the country mayor of the Hilltops, and his supremely efficient and diligent operations, marketing & communications manager dear Sarah.

Engaging with right correct permissions, the lovely Principle and head teacher of Wombat Public School where Selina connects to her love of children, bringing them delight surprise, good cheer and an appreciation of just how amazing they are a memory she imparts on them, not only with her generosity of spirit and provisions but a Promise she makes them when asked, ‘if she will come Promise to come back to visit them again’… her very solemn Yes!…(which  only she and her community leaders already know, just how soon that will be… in coming weeks, when she will return to be and see them all…)

Selina leaves her country communities rich with love and thankfulness for the journey that has brought her ‘home’ in every sense of the word.

News of her selfless efforts dedicated to Farmers, Country Communities and determination to be an example of One Community and efforts to empower and enable the well being of all through her role model, is received by her as much adoration, respect and appreciation as the tremendous healing and belonging and community it has given her personal journey …

24th – 30th November 2019

Returning to her home base communities, Selina & her pride filled Community of Mosman and her ever so supportive Council, in close collaboration working closely with and led by her Will Of Courage her TM Foundations efforts and goodwill journey to support our Rural Communities at a time of significant time and end of another challenging year, leading into Christmas.

The MOSMAN 2019 Christmas Gift Appeal is a partnership between Selina Win Pe and her Will of CourageTM Foundation (not a charity by any means).

Launched on November 26th for a 3 week period

Her incredibly generous communities aim collectively build a very strong advocacy and excitement in raising a very special momentum to a very big year’s in joint efforts to bring Christmas cheer to country kids and farmers, families.

Selina also personally creates a GIFT A FARMER CHRISTMAS (Food and Fuel) cards, campaign to say thanks to our Farmers and their Families at this special time of the year. An initiative she has prepared in direct consultation with her Country Mayors, Community Leaders and Farmers.

Delivered by her alone, as she has done to date ever so thoughtfully planned by Selina at every detail of this key Giving initiative, she is wholeheartedly supported by her councils amazing team, to ready a Christmas campaign, which will be carefully handed by her into numerous country communities across the State of NSW. 

And, to close out her planning to ready this gift giving journey, City to Country.

To her absolute surprise and delight, upon her personal call and engagement for support, Paul the amazing! CEO Owner of Go With The Gecko, personally takes ownership and offers her the full hire of their vehicle in goodwill as her primary vehicle sponsor, to enable her carriage in safe transport. Gifting her also her journey’s Branding as a proud community partner, of her then and now new story.

A gesture she is extremely touched by in regaining her trust and faith of the community she has building around her journey.

She immediately reciprocates across all promotions throughout her communications in her brand, in absolute support proudly of them and this will always continue in the spirit of her community mindedness.