As I embark on this new selfless goodwill led path made clear proudly helping and supporting Regional and Rural communities I wanted to do this most sincerely from a place of understanding, genuine care, how by owning my own story has led to now in sharing my journey with Love, Bravery, Defiance Courage & Resilience. And I hope t will be of some useful help to anyone who finds it of benefit to them too.


Psychotherapy has been instrumental to my sense of safety and well being.


It has seen the depths of my trauma like no other and the significant impacts of life events have had a tremendous sufferance which I have experienced and which has been at first had seen, heard and supported.


Psychotherapy has been a critical and lead component of mind and body work and the latter continues as I evolve the deep work I have done to adapt the ‘tools’ to support my sense of safety, well being and creating the necessary boundaries to live with an acceptance of the PTS which is a daily life legacy I have come to terms in accepting will always be with me.


Re-learning every aspect of daily ritual and re-work and re-programming over a length of four years has evolved into a better adaptation to my surrounds to restore a sense of new normal functioning.


Fundamental to this very long road of self work on my mind, my inner self and brain where the ‘locked nodes’ that require an ongoing support and life-long self care commitment.


Is the safety and trust I have developed over time with the right counselling and in partnership with the right people to help me, a new knowing and relearning to trust people in their genuine care and best interests at heart of me.


Who have proven and importantly taken the time to understand and in helping me to move forward, done so with sensitivity patience and compassion and utmost resolve to see me live a happy life again.


I am so proud to be associated and thank for their expertise, personal manner and understanding and support with not only the respect to the gravity of such magnitude that has caused immeasurable sufferance is a credit to each one but have not abandoned me for sake of effort, cost or management. Keen to see me rise again and be the shining example and positive light they once knew and better of me.

All of this combined and so much more, including but not limited to the modality complimenting this I have personally undertaken co concurrently such as yoga, meditation and immersing myself again slow but sure in the open arms and trust of safe communities .. has been what has most certainly led to this new incredible journey and shines through my Will Of Courage with more Resilience, Bravery, Strength, Tenacity, Defiance and share my deepest desire to be of help as an example of what is possible and the power of Soul and human spirit over any Fear and led me to this new purpose – with Faith & Thanks Giving.


The continuation of this personal journey is paramount to the success and is authentic to an understanding I share with the communities I am supporting, in my new Legacy of Help & Healing.


As I embark on this powerful new journey proudly supporting Regional and Rural communities from a place of understanding, genuine care, and personal truths by owning my own story to be of some help and lead as an example to all communities, of what is possible with only Love the reasoning, and the selfless offer of this in support led by an insurmountable Will of Courage, Bravery & Resilience to simply what I have learnt share with others.