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Gift of Music

Country Children Country Wide.
Help our country kids enjoy and learn through music.

Donate to help support our country kids.

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Buy A Bale

Farmers, Families, Country Wide
Please help our Farmers & support them and their communities of family and local support with bale and provisions which help with their living whilst running their farms, for us. Everyday. .

Donate to help our farmers

* Donations to both Causes supported by Selina’s independent efforts are: 

1. Receipted & Tax Deductible 

2. Committed as 100 % delivered direct in hand to farmers & country kids schools

3. Managed, Tracked & Reported

By Rural Aid.

All donations directed to Rural Aid via this website are paid to Rural Aid in full, with no financial participation for Will Of Courage™ or Selina Win Pe.


Music, the learning of a musical instrument and the participation in a group ensemble, brings benefits to a student and their family that can be immeasurable. Unfortunately, opportunities for children in remote and rural areas can be few and the purchase of musical instruments beyond their family’s means.



Gift of Music, an initiative of Rural Aid, came about from a request for help from a number of rural schools, for musical instruments.


We’re confident that there are thousands of instruments across Australia, under beds or in cupboards, that aren’t being used. So we’re asking all Australians who have an instrument not in use, to donate it so we can share the resources around. If you would like to help Gift of Music with a cash donation, we will put this towards the purchase of instruments that are on teachers’ request lists and/or the repair of useful donated instruments.


The gift of music can change a child’s life. The gift of an instrument to a rural school in need, can change many children’s lives.


Supporting Aussie farmers and rural communities throughout Australia. This drought appeal campaign is providing meaningful support for farmers by delivering hay and other essential items to farmers who have no feed left for their cattle.

All donations to our drought assistance campaign have a four fold effect. Some hay is donated, some we buy, so we’re feeding a hay farmer and their family. Some of our truckies are donating their time and diesel, some loads we’re paying for, so we’re feeding truckies and their families. Donations towards our Farmers card inject immediate cash into the rural towns, city cash going bush. Finally what hay we deliver saves farmers cash that they can continue to spend on other items.

Australia, donating to Buy a Bale is helping not just farmers but their communities and so many more people.

Thank you on behalf of our farmers for your support