As I embark on this new selfless goodwill led path made clear proudly helping and supporting Regional and Rural communities I wanted to do this most sincerely from a place of understanding, genuine care, how by owning my own story has led to now in sharing my journey with Love, Bravery, Defiance Courage & Resilience. And I hope t will be of some useful help to anyone who finds it of benefit to them too.


I started my (Vinyasa) Yoga practice, almost immediately after the Siege, in early weeks of 2015.


In Yoga, I have found a great solace and in its immersion to myself, inwards, and then outwards.

At the start of this re-introduction to the practice of yoga (I had only attended very briefly prior).


I recall so vividly how very frightened and traumatised I was and the added mammoth public (fishbowl) nature of the every detail that haunted by living memories of the torture, torments and terror put upon us the innocent in that place of painful and profound sadness, that which I carried without escape on a daily basis.


A life changing event of immense grief of magnitude and comprehension, unimaginable to anyone else and that no human should ever have to witness and bear.


My mind, body, spirit and happy smiling positive disposition changed forever. My heart and spirit broken at the invasion into my personal sense of safety, well being and an innate sense of trust I once had of all those around me.


My mind, body senses in disarray and my soul in torment with the multiple facets of the very onset of my PTS(D) (post traumatic stress (disorder) which would need a lot of care to reach a place of acceptance, safety and new normal in time to come.


I needed to calm, still and heal my mind, body and spirit of my souls voice to continue my journey and that ‘this too shall pass’.


Importantly, a practice that I quickly learnt would be a key compliment to the criticality of my Psychotherapy.


In Yoga, I have found a great solace and ion its immersion to myself, inwards, and then outwards – it has been an integral part of my healing to date and one that I took charge of for myself to find some Peace from within.


Over time I have developed ‘abhyasa’ – my constant and very regular practice and it continues bring light and love to my ‘dharma’ – my souls purpose that is my now mission of service in purpose to love and to be of help to others. And validated time and time again, my Faith is Unshakable – ‘Shraddha’. 


An evolution of a now four and a half year long, committed Yoga practice averaging 10-12 hours/7 day week, and find immense Peace, Purpose, Love, Solace, Calm, Release and Detachment to all that does not serve me well.


It is this profound self care modality using breath and movement to rejuvenate and bring in balance my body and spirit and the inflow of Psychotherapy its direct partner in my healing journey and this simply continues as it is the oxygen I need to keep moving forward by caring for my well being too.


MOST importantly Yoga has with Psychotherapy, helped me to recreate my sense of safety, space and well being and reconnection amongst the safety and trust and love that is mutually reciprocated amongst my communities, stemming from the human spirit of connection that is the Yoga in community of knowing and deep understanding of the self, present moment living and breathing and how precious life really is to waste any unworthy time.


It is true, in the saying:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

The Bhagavad Gita.


Selina Reference