Selina’s Goodwill intention is to add her wholehearted support and contribute to the longevity and sustainability of Australian Farming. Selina has invested her personal savings into this entire faith led new journey of helping others across all her endeavours. She is independently led. She is singlehanded in ALL her endeavours for country kids, farmers & community well being on this journey. Selina is self-driven in raising $1,000,000 to help our Country Kids, Our Farmers & the Communities who enable & support them.

100% of this pledge in form of all donations go to kids and farmers...
Selina’s goodwill.


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi



Selina has dedicated the rest of her life to;



Selina is keen to bring the City and Country closer, in greater awareness and understanding of the enormous  efforts that the contribution of our Australian Farming has to our everyday living. Most importantly, recognise not only all that is seen but bring to light so much that is unseen and that which goes into producing our food and wears, from the earth.
Painstakingly, planned, cultivated, tendered and carefully nurtured, initiated by hand by our hardworking Farmers, their enablers and the communities who support them, for us all, every single day.
A real testament to their will power, resilience and persistence.

 Her desire is to lead and impart a legacy of Love, Hope and Healing by Helping Others through her life’s lessons.





And she is absolutely devoted and committed in selfless service to others by adding her new voice, contribution and helping hand, to those facing challenge, adversity and hard times.

Bringing together the human spirit, in one community well being.
Selina Win Pe

‘Selina has endured more than most  people, in a lifetime & is so much more than a survivor.


This is her NEW STORY’. 


* Sharing her journey and representing the Rural & Remote communities of country wide Australia.

* Empowering and enabling ALL community wellbeing.


Sharing conversations about:

* Resilience. Courage. Survivorship.

* Overcoming adversity & life challenge/lessons.

* Acceptance of mental health & the importance of self love/care & well being.

* The power of love, unshakeable faith & purpose, creating boundaries, healing and community.

November Highlights

Selina hosts her very first City to Country Gathering in her hometown ~ the Breaking Of Bread & Sharing Of Community Series. Community Leaders, Farmers, Welcomed by City Friends & Community ~ Mosman
Selina brings together City and Country Farmer families together in her home town in a share of unity and Friendship (meeting for the first time, proudly wearing their Will Of Courage caps & she at the centre as the connector).
Selina is invited as Special Guest Key by Rotary Australia in Forbes by the Chairman to share her courageous NEW story ~ helping others, across rural communities ~ which adds strength to her own ongoing healing. FORBES District/ Chapter, ROTARY AUSTRALIA. FORBES HIGH SCHOOL supported by Rotary NSW invites Selina to share her journey.
Selina Proudly supported by Country dear Mayor Brian. The Hilltops...The Love from her growing communities ~ city to country ❤️🤝💙 country to city, this new Journey to a Will of CourageTM. Selina is warmly embraced and supported everywhere she is and applauded for her genuine care and compassion for the wellbeing of others who are helping her healing too
The Hennessy college students immediately take to Selina and adoration of them is obvious and immediately a warm bond is formed in a moments meeting her ~ all big smiles.
Selina is invited by the Country Mayor of The Hilltops Shire in Young, to walk and talk and be amongst the Hilltops community in a stance against Domestic Violence. Selina shares her journey to Resilience, Survivorship & Courage led by Faith & the Power Of Love strengthened by One Community Well Being and care for one another.


Community Support, Mental Health & Well Being Initiatives

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‘Suffer not (little) children who come unto me, for theirs IS the Kingdom of Heaven!’

Selina’s love for all children is the Souls ~ heart of her life’s new journey .. ‘

‘Drought by its very nature affects everything ~ that has a ‘heart beat’.
People. Plant. Animal. Crop.’  Selina
Selina is visiting NSW Country Towns 
‘If you have Faith even if it is the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains’.

Selina’s New Story

Selina is now pouring her heart and soul into a Journey to a Will of Courage. 
A real testament to her Will of Courage, her tenacity and personal endurance is to keep moving forward and not ever letting fear win, or allowing herself ever to be defined by any of her past experiences. 

So far, since March 9, when her purposeful journey began. On her own merit and self-led, Selina has traveled over 28,000 kilometres, from her home town in between her personal well being routines – determined to visit communities in person. 


She has been warmly welcomed and embraced for her courageous journey and passion for regional communities by many NSW country and regional Mayors,  earning their respect.

She has also earned immense support from farmers for her personal experiences and the tenacity and the community care and interest she has taken, to be, across and amongst all spectrums of Australian Farming types and her obvious support for rural communities, kids and families.  


Selina has already covered a large expanse of the NSW State, including the greater Central West, Central Tablelands, Hunter, South West Slopes, Riverina & Hill Tops regions, the South East, Nortthern Tablelands and upwards North West.


She will continue her journey covering as many regions in her Home State, before embarking across Australia in 2020.


Her pride and love for her country is clearly evident.

Selina has commenced her goodwill legacy starting in her Home State, Country NSW, March 9 2019.
Great Artesian Basin
The Great Artesian Basin (GAB ), located in Australia, is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, stretching over 1,700,000 km2. The basin provides the only source of fresh water through much of inland Australia.
Selina’s travelled extensively across country NSW State over several months meeting country mayors & farmers.
Drought Indicator NSW
Drought indicator map of NSW
‘Drought by its very nature affects everything ~ that has a ‘heart beat’.
People. Plant. Animal. Crop.’  Selina


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Your Farm Tells A Story.

How Will The Next Chapter Begin? 
‘Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.’