‘My Life’s goal is to be of Service to a Greater Good. Wherever that True Calling takes me, I’ve always be willing to go.’

 (The Path Made Clear – Oprah)

‘ These are the sheep of my pastures, feed them’.

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In recent years is known for her terrible experiences in the terrifying ordeal known as the Sydney Siege in Martin Place, mid December 2014.


Given the very well documented and well known public inquiry and very sad nature of the tragedies of the event which lives in our living memory and never leaves her any single day. 


Selina knows only too well the very painful and deeply affecting still traumatic and still very vivid memories that held her the longest, over seventeen (17) hours under the most terrifying of circumstances, unimaginable to anyone not of that dreadful and extremely traumatic and frightening time.


It is important to Selina that this side of her experiences is acknowledge and recognized for all the lessons, but that it is treated with careful consideration and utmost great sensitivity, respect and dignity towards all concerned including her and most especially for the two families whose loss is beyond human comprehension. She holds them most dear and keeps connected with them to this very day.


Selina is so much more than just a survivor.


She is now on her very clear faith led path of added healing, which has been a journey through an involution and an evolution of the deep investments she has painstakingly made. This has allowed her to live a new normal life as her confidence in recreating boundaries of safety and trust grows.


Selina is of a proud Indian and Burmese heritage. Her parents, highly educated and highly experienced in their career fields, gave up everything to move to Australia for a better life for their children and had to start all over again notwithstanding the many sacrifices this took (personally and professionally) in leaving everything they knew behind.


Her parents and her grandparents are highly regarded by Selina as the absolute pillars and the foundations for her strong family and faith led values that have defined and not broken her character and the integrity and courage she displays and for these and so much more she is commended, by all with whom she interacts and leaving them better for the experience of knowing her for who she is and not what she has endured.


Most importantly, her big heart with an endless capacity to love and a generosity of spirit and unconditional giving unheard of to the degree she has always done to and for all who know her well has stood the test of immense challenge and time and her souls journey stronger now in its mission than ever before and her pursuits of being of help to others.


Selina’s Indian & Burmese heritages are rich in valour, pride, standing and history. The great endearing love she has of her country Australia, which she has known since age nine. Has connection in history which dates back to her dear Granddad (Nana) who served in WW2, as a Brigadier General in the Indian Army, was captured as a POW. His regiment of a very few, managed to be so fortunately saved by the Aussie Diggers.


This ingrained sense of survival and determination has been in her DNA ever since she can recall.


Selina grew into a strong and determined woman, who had a blossoming career where once she represented some of the world’s leading global financial services brands and in these capacities, she held and did so very proudly, with one in particular who still continues to be by her side. Westpac (her old employer). 

They have seen firsthand the very raw journey and the aftermath she has personally endured. 

And they have proudly also witnessed the very tests of time and the very best of Selina’s innate strength of character and her stamina as she moves through her toughest challenges yet and continues to evolve from her deeply invested and required ongoing therapies and chosen modalities so she can continue, supported. 


Selina is most especially empowered by her own home communities, and fueled daily by the respect, admiration, kindness, warmth, love and connection she has found in her own home communities. 


And, in recent months Selina has drawn immense strength from her visits to regional and rural country townships, and the positive time she has proactively initiated in meeting with the open hearted welcome of the many Country Mayors.


She has found very positive and beneficial healing from being amongst these communities likened to her own community close to home and historically a familiarity she recalls growing up amongst the valleys and plains of the small hill stations and rural Indian backdrops that have brought new hope to her healing and she simply wants to give back.


It has been a mission that is faith led that has brought her this clear to all she encounters, and an insurmountable purpose to which she finds immense happiness and a great sense of connection, gaining strength and closeness through bond of friendship and belonging.


And it this regaining in her sense of safety that she has begun to exponentially enlarge her already big heart by her deep desire to help and contribute to the well being of others. 


Whilst it is important to recognize, her own healing continues and must across all her modalities and therapies. 


Now. Selina’s Will of Courage™ is in pursuit with incredible determination of fierce resolve to help and be a part of a movement she leads to help bring support into regional and remote country wide communities of Australia.


Through this resolve, Selina has found a new exuberance for life and living and importantly – giving it all back with everything she has to make a positive difference to the lives of others in her altruistic goodwill.


Dedicating the rest of her life now to bringing attention by way of education, awareness, support, healing and investments into these country wide regional and rural communities, as a powerful  new voice, a champion and beacon of new light to draw help to them, with genuine care and concern. 

Resulting from her own and very personal understanding of mental, health and well being through her own perseverance’s and tenacity to keep moving forward.


A new story is one of resilience, defiance, faith, courage and hope for a legacy of bringing people together on a common path of goodness and only from a place of Love and unity of the human spirit.


Selina is so very proud to share this new journey with you as it unfolds and looks forward to your encouragement, kindness and commitment to support her initiatives and this journey to better the lives of our fellow Australians in country wide communities. 


Her special efforts to bring joy and laughter and love from all communities across Australia bringing support to country kids and improve the needs and well being of our Farmers, that is a solid and compassionate shared community concern for their well being. Extending also to their families and all the communities who support them.


A real testament to her Will of Courage™, tenacity and personal endurance to just keep going and moving forward and not ever letting fear win or allowing herself ever to be defined by any of her past experiences. 


So please join Selina on her courageous new journey and please importantly get behind the causes that she is leading and support for our regional and rural communities led by her extraordinary bravery and resilience, Will of Courage™ and positive example as in her endeavors to bring together the unity of the human spirit from a place of unconditional Love and mate ship.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. 


Thank you.